• Sponsoring the youth: Children on an Eickhoff shearer in the Mining Museum

BEYOND The Bounds of the company

We are an employer that looks after its people. But Eickhoff is, of course, a lot more than that. We have been part of the region for around 150 years, an entire environment with its many generations of people. As an integral part of this environment our responsibility stretches far beyond the bounds of our production buildings.

For example, when Eickhoff establishes a company children’s day nursery, half of the places are reserved for youngsters from the neighbourhood. Or if company property is temporarily not being used, it is rented to the well-known off-theatre project “TheaterTotal” at low cost as part of a cultural sponsoring project.

This type of commitment, however, only seems selfless at first glance. We are firmly convinced that in the end both sides benefit from this policy. For example, our support for the Bochum orchestra academy in setting up a music centre is also a great overall benefit to Bochum as an industrial centre. This, in turn, makes the city more attractive for highly qualified specialists and executives who are interested in joining our company.

In this way we embed the Kaizen principle of permanent improvement not only in our daily business, but also in everything we do towards the outside.

By the way, we also transport this self-image to our selected suppliers and other business partners, helping Eickhoff to remain an aware, caring partner within society.