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Quality and speed

Our service network with more than 100 specialists in eight service centres worldwide offers the best conditions for optimum gearbox maintenance. All European sites where our gearboxes are in operation are quickly reached from our headquarters in Bochum in the west of Germany. Customers with plants outside Europe are supported at all times by our subsidiaries through local representatives.

Comprehensive, competent support is what distinguishes Eickhoff service teams. That is why your first port of call when it comes to service is our engineering office. Our experienced specialists listen to your enquiries and initiate the necessary measures without delay.

Regardless of manufacturer, our service technicians carry out videoscope inspections and status assessments on site and produce meaningful service reports for the most diverse gearbox types. One method we employe is EGOMS, our structure-borne sound and vibration measurement system, which allows both mobile and stationary service crews to investigate gearboxes online. This analysis can be used by our service teams to plan tailored measures that are then carried out in agreement with the customer.

Working closely together with our customers, we develop smart solutions for the trouble-free operation of their gearboxes. With 100 years of experience, we are of course able to deal with the products of many other manufacturers as well.

Faulty gearboxes are repaired in our workshop. The Eickhoff quality management system applies to repairs to the same extent as it does to new gearboxes and guarantees the quality of all spare and repaired parts. Gearbox assembly and also testing under load are carried out within the serial production procedures. Following repairs, a gearbox therefore complies with the current state of the art and is covered by an appropriate Eickhoff warranty.

The high Eickhoff quality standards also apply to original replacement parts. We manufacture many parts ourselves and that means we are in the position of being able to supply parts at short notice for those not stocked.

Eickhoff, working in close partnerships with its customers, can therefore offer bespoke service solutions in order to achieve the best possible plant availability. Those solutions include delivery times for replacement gearboxes which are geared exactly to a customer’s requirements, 24/7 support, accurate planning and stocking of spare parts, damage reports, fixed-price agreements and much more besides.


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