• Perfection in metal: finely ground planetary gear for a wind turbine gearbox
  • Extremely challenging for both man and machinery: shearer loader SL 500 in action at the Daw Mill Mine, UK
  • Fertigung nach Maß: Planetenträger Customised production: planetary carriers for our products from our inhouse foundry and machinery plant
  • Technical pioneering achievement: the first bar-cutting machine on the continent, built by Eickhoff in 1914
  • The joy of owning an Eickhoff product does not end with its commissioning: our service teams are there when you need them

THE EICKHOFF Recipe for Success

We are pioneers in the field of mechanical engineering. The foundry established by Carl Eickhoff in 1864 has become a high-tech company – in the heart of the Ruhr District and at two additional production sites in Germany. This continuity enables us to develop our products and services for a global market.

Whatever we make, we make with precision. The difference can be microscopically small but that is what makes the difference. The more precisely the components of an Eickhoff product are designed to interact with each other, the more smoothly and effi ciently the entire system works. It is in these crucial micrometres of competitive edge that we invest our entire experience, state-of-the-art knowhow and passion for our products.

Decades of continual use. Mining machinery, gearboxes and foundry equipment from Eickhoff work reliably and have extremely long service lives – even under highly stressful conditions for both materials and engineering. The fact that we manufacture to the highest quality standards really pays off for our customers. They know they can rely on very low downtimes and outstanding efficiency. Moreover, our production facilities ensure that spare parts will still be available, even decades later.

Our engineers know what you need. At every site in the world we are confronted with a different set of technical challenges and customer requirements. We perfectly tailor our solutions to suit each situation. That is why Eickhoff products are not built on a series basis, but as specially developed one-off versions. We keep on improving and testing our equipment until everything works perfectly. Thanks to our flat hierarchical structures and agile minds, things move quickly from the initial meeting to the finished prototype.

We turn technical visions into reality. As early as 1914 it was the innovative power of Eickhoff that set new standards in both mining and drive engineering. Today too, good ideas and mature implementation are our greatest assets and enable us to stand at the forefront of the global market. As a current example, our SL 750 EiControlPlus with infrared and radar sensors was awarded the BAUMA Innovation Prize and is one of the most efficient shearer loaders in the world.

No matter where you are in the world – and when - we will come to your site as quickly as possible in order to solve any problems that arise. Excellent service is one of our basic principles. With highly trained technicians and a well organized network we ensure that our products are regularly serviced or up and running again as quickly as possible.