Wind gearboxes

Eickhoff’s technical expertise and experience in the wind turbine gearbox sector has been playing a part in the development of innovative and efficient wind power concepts for our customers throughout the last 30 years. As a key element in the drive train, our high-performance, high-quality gearboxes, optimised for production and cost-savings, are impressive due to their maximum robustness, maximum reliability, long service life and extremely compact design. They are designed to suit the customer’s specification and the respective requirements exactly with a high power density. Our 8 MW test bench and environmental test chamber help us to verify compliance with the quality demands of our customers. All tests are logged precisely. For example, we test all prototype gearboxes under representative loading conditions and, if required, also subject them to a temperature of –40 °C (–40 °F) to check their low-temperature suitability. In addition, we offer our customers bespoke service and maintenance concepts, which enable them to reduce their operating costs and at the same time optimise their plant availability by way of faster reaction times.

Compact design and high power density
Production optimised forcost-savings
- Robustness and reliability tests on our own test benches
Cold-weather suitability tested down to –40 °C (–40 °F) in our own environmental test chamber

Technical data

Generator output 1,5 – 3,8 MW
Rotor diameter 70 – 131 m
Torque range 934 – 3.380 kNm
Transmission ratio 71,8 – 135,75
Weight 15 – 36,5 t
Length 2.170 – 3.200 mm
Outer diameter 1.570 – 2.085 mm
Design PPS, PSS
Model variations 50Hz, 60Hz, CCV, NCV, HCV
Wind turbine classes IEC I, II, III