• Shearer Loader SL 750

Shearer Loader SL 750

‚Breeding refinement‘‚ made by Eickhoff: Here, the power of the SL 500 and the compactness of the SL 300 are united in one machine. This is how the Eickhoff SL 750 was born – a machine with a body just slightly larger than that known from the SL 300 and with an installed power which could formerly only be realized on bigger shearer loaders.

The Eickhoff SL 750, having been put into operation in US high-performance longwall systems for the first time in 2006, received a throughout positive feedback on its use. And also the subsequent worldwide installation of further machines of this type fulfilled all expectations by far. According to the unanimous opinion of the customers, higher production rates are achieved more economically when using the Eickhoff SL 750 shearer loader.

- The ‚fastest‘ one from Eickhoff
- For thin to medium-thick seam mining

Technical details

Cutting range: 1.8 – 4.8 m
Voltage / frequency: 3,300 V/50 Hz
Total installed power: 1,894 kW
Cutting drum speed: 32 – 50 rpm
Max. haulage speed: 51 m/min
Total weight 70 – 80 tons
Length: 13,900 – 14,900 mm
Width: 2,700 – 3,400 mm
Height: 1,250 – 2,050 mm