• Gearbox type DPKFZ-214

Bevel-helical gearboxes

Besides the planetary and helical gearboxes, we also offer our customers combinations of our gearboxes with bevel or worm gear stages to suit particular applications. These custom products help us to provide optimum solutions for the most diverse gearing applications and hence serve the different needs of customers. Eickhoff gearboxes are characterised by their maximum flexibility, excellent robustness and the use of the very latest technology. Our hardwearing, highly reliable products can be used profitably in extreme operating conditions worldwide, e.g. in the cement and steel industries and in open-cast mining.

Successful, partner-like cooperation with our customers from planning to production and commissioning plus continuous support over the entire service life of the product are our priorities. And, of course, the high quality demands we place on every one of our products.

- Bespoke combinations of various gearbox stages
Customised to suit the respective application
- The robustness and reliability so typical of Eickhoff
- For applications in open-cast mining, cement and steel industries, etc.

Techical data

No. of stages 2 – 5
Sizes 19
Rated output torque 220 kNm – 7.280 kNm
Output shaft type Hollow shaft: with shrink disc and internal toothing,
Solid shaft: with parallel key, external toothing or flanges shaft
Transmission ratio 20 – 10.000
Weight 1 – 60 t
Length Adapted to suit available installation space
Width Adapted to suit available installation space
Height Adapted to suit available installation space