• Gearbox type DNZ-765/1000II

Helical gearboxes

The Eickhoff range of helical gearboxes has advanced to become the optimum solution for a wide range of applications in industry. Our expertise in the development and production of helical gearboxes enables us to offer our customers unique engineering and well conceived designs. The foundation for this is the standard gearbox designed according to a modular principle which is then modified to suit customer requirements exactly. The helical gears we use are hardened and ground and have milled protuberances. Optimum tooth design is guaranteed through computer design software. Eickhoff can be seen as the gear wheel driving research and development. Furthermore, we cooperate with numerous renowned institutes so that our gearbox development never stands still. For example, the finite element method is used to identify highly stressed components and improve the range of helical gearboxes.

- Gearbox casing available in steel, cast steel and as a casting
Suitable for temperatures down to –50 °C

Technische Daten

No. of stages 1 – 4
Sizes 16
Rated output torque 10 – 780 kNm
Output shaft type Hollow shaft: with shrink disc and internal toothing
Solid shaft: with parallel key or flanged shaft
Transmission ratio 1– 500
Weight 0,4 t – 12,5 t
Length 350 – 3.000 mm
Width 160 – 1.000 mm
Height 300 – 2.000 mm