• Induzierte Leistung: In den Schmelzöfen entstehen passgenaue Werkstoffe
  • Heißer Job: Große Hitze für höchste Qualität
  • Feinschliff von Hand: Gussteil bei der Nachbearbeitung


Specialized on outstanding:
It's not just steel and cast iron. The material range of the Eikhoff foundry caries from gray and nodular cast iron qualities to special materials such as ADI, Ni-Resist, Ni-Hard, GX- and various steel grades. In total there are more than 60 different varieties in production - for every purpose and every component we find the right material with ideal characteristics.

In addition to the many years of expertise in manufacturing different part families, which is supplemented with the current state of the art, our foundry sector is characterized by one thing in particular:

  • comprehensive,
  • competent and
  • honest consultancy.

Already in the construction stage of a component, we

  • accompany our customers,
  • question their wishes,
  • explain the casting-technical possibilities and
  • develop individual solutions.

We are focused on:

  • single pieces,
  • small series and
  • medium series production

of highly stressed, core-intensive castings. Each casting is unique.

Accordingly, a conscientious execution of the every day work is very important. For our skilled employees and foreman in production this is a matter of honor.

For that reasons they work for us.