• Radialkolbenmotorgehäuse. Material: EN-GJS-400-15
  • Grundplatte. Material: EN-GJS-500-14
  • Anschlussplatte. Material: EN-GJS-400-15
  • Planetenträger. Material: sonderlegierter Sphäroguss auf Basis eines EN-GJS-700
  • Walzentragarm. Material: GS 10 MnMo 7 4 V
  • Kegelstirnradgetriebegehäuse. Material: EN-GJL-300

Excerpt of our part spectrum

Great diversity of industrial applications:
As a service provider we work for a lot of different industrial sectors - and yet our basic approach remains the same: We scrutinize each application so that the stress points of the castings become transparent. Based on our experience and up-to-date expertise we always know how to realize the required quality at critical points.

Our castings are used worldwide in a variety of applications. We cast parts for packaging machines in the food industry and wear parts for the energy sector or feeding units of bulk materials. Our parts are designed for maximum resistance - no matter what the load - from abrasive stress in the cement processing industry, high-pressure hydraulic components to thermally stressed units in the aluminium inudstry or glass production.

We produce housings with perfect surfaces for pump constructions, consistently perfect material for tablet presses or sea water resistant applications for marine propulsion systems. We also develop suitable alloys for the processing of pulps and have been supplying them to satisfied customers for decades. And for the motion mechanism of injection machines our high-strenght ductile iron (ADI) is perfectly suitable.