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Consultancy and Flexibility

Competence quick and efficient:

Your advantage is our flexibility. Instead of mass-production castings the Eickhoff Foundry produces unique castings in small and medium series, mostly for medium sized machine builders.

These products often have to meet very special requirements. They require

  • flexibility in production,
  • close consultancy and,
  • great competence.

The core arguments for Eickhoff.

As a medium-sized company, we benefit from

  • extremly short routes in the flow of information and
  • at your request integrate us very early in product development

Our specialists are permanently involved in the construction process. The more complex the desired casting, the more meaningful is the intensive exchange. At the end the result is a 

  • weight-optimized,
  • economically feasible workpiece.

The ability to think in terms of design and to reconcile it with the casting requirements is an important competence of our employees in production engineering and pattern making. This empathy helps to significantly accelerate the successful realization. Many of our customers have come to appreciate this added value.

Another strenght of the Eickhoff Foundry is the

  • craftsmanship,
  • from the pattern maker,
  • to the molder,
  • to the fettler.

They ensure that the more than a thousand different parameters are producing a good casting are met.

  • From choosing the right feeding technology,
  • to the right composition of the molding material, the iron,
  • to meticulous control of tapping and casting temperature of the melt and much more,
  • all within precisely defined time windows.

In order to be able to work economically successfully, we not only use the necessary expertise but also go to work with great enthusiasm.

Our specialists scrutinize the exact choice of materials and the requirements behind them for each project.

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