• Power meets safety: The Eickhoff shearer loader automation system EiControlPlus. 1) LED spot lights, 2) Radar sensor, 3) Infrared sensor
  • Screenshot of the EiControl SB configurator


Innovative Technology with Smart Sensors

Power meets safety: The newly developed Eickhoff EiControlPlus shearer loader automation concept is the first system to make the idea of automated longwall operation come true. The human operator can completely focus on the monitoring functions in a safe and unencumbered environment. To this end the machine is equipped with sensors which are capable of ‚seeing‘, ‚hearing‘ and ‚feeling‘ – a genuine revolution. The Eickhoff EiControlPlus system is considered as the ‚smartest‘ shearer loader automation concept worldwide.

One essential feature of the system is the powerful and transparent communication structure between the machine and the mine control centre via which all relevant information is transferred online through redundant and compatible communication paths. This unique holistic approach to shearer loader automation delivers the user considerable advantages in terms of sustainable extraction of raw material, and of hard coal in particular.
The Eickhoff EiControlPlus system is therefore at the forefront of a development which will enable fully autonomous mining systems in the future. The operators will then be relieved from the active control tasks in the highly stressful surroundings of the machine and can focus, from the mine control centre, on monitoring and optimization of the system.